My Story

Jason Capistrano’s passion for design started at a young age but has developed and honed over his decade in the industry. As a business owner, Jason has developed both the strategic acumen and business knowledge necessary for success. A natural, lively, and charismatic people person, Jason also focuses on the value of surrounding himself with great people, be it through collaboration with top influencers, or with awesome clientele.

An advocate of organized, results-driven strategy, Jason’s keen eye for detail has always defined his work. While his true passions are for branding and search engine marketing, his portfolio is not limited to a specific medium. The range of his strategy has cultivated a deep understanding of the attractive requirements across media. Creativity, knowledge and experience fuel all of his strategic ideas.

At home, Jason spends the bulk of his time making music and collaborating with other artists. He has an impressive collection of records and MIDI controllers in the studio of his home in San Diego.


6 Ways To Increase User Engagement

One of the most common questions I get asked by digital marketers is, “How can I increase my conversions?” or “Why aren’t I getting any conversions?”. Time and time again,

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5 Ways To Get More Traffic Through Social Sharing

Let’s face it, everyone wants more traffic and more views overall. A lot of people think they’re already doing this, but the truth is they’re doing it wrong. Social sharing

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