5 Ways To Get More Traffic Through Social Sharing

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Let’s face it, everyone wants more traffic and more views overall. A lot of people think they’re already doing this, but the truth is they’re doing it wrong. Social sharing is one of the most effective vehicles you can use to drive more traffic and more attention to your content. So you think you’re already doing it? Here’s 5 things people overlook when trying to increase traffic through social sharing.

1. Social Sharing Buttons

  • Your visitors should never feel like they’re in a scavenger hunt to find your social sharing buttons. So be sure to make them prominent!

2. Asking To Share

  • The majority of your readers won’t see your content and feel the need to share it, so that’s why it’s important for you to encourage them to share it. Just be sure not to make yourself sound desperate.

3. Reach Influencers

  • Ever get a top influencer to share your content? If you have, you’ll notice a huge spike in traffic that probably freaked you out – in a good way of course. If you haven’t there’s a few things to increase your chances of making this happen.
    • Post round-ups – Once a month you should blog that compiles all the best content for the week, which should include some pieces from top influencers.
    • Publish niche-specific lists – This should serve as a resource or guide for a certain topic. As always, include some of the top influencers in the industry of your niche.
    • Interviews – You should always be reaching out to these authority figures and offer interviews. Do your research, find a topic they haven’t covered previously, and fire away!
    • Always link to them – This is mandatory! For top influencers active in seeing who they’re acquiring backlinks from, this will give you some notice in this website. Additionally, it’s always a good habit to link to these authorities in every piece of content you create.

4. Your Personal Social Circle

  • It’s important to build your brand to be social sharing-worthy. You should find some time to promote others, and in doing so they may be happy to return the favor if you ask. This could be as easy as sending an email and requesting them to write a blog post about you. Plus, friends love promoting friends!

5. Reward Your Followers

  • This is easy. People love free stuff, so you should give away free stuff! Even if it’s content. This can be anything from an ebook to a how-to guide.
  • Offer links – Pick out a few influential Twitter users or Facebook fans and ask them to share your content. In exchange, you could make a post telling people who shared the content. You don’t necessarily have to limit this to top influencers either. In fact you can target people who are in the same tier as you are.
  • Run  a contest – Let your followers compete against one another. Get an idea of how many followers can share your content across their social networks. The winner should get a prize and a link!


Social sharing is just one of the many vehicles you can utilize to increase traffic to your content. Chances are your readers are already using social media, so engage with them!

What other vehicles are you using to increase your traffic?

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