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My Journey

Over the Years

Revenue Operations (Cannabis)
As a RevOps consultant, I worked with multiple canna tech software/platforms for a cannabis dispensary and delivery to drive sales and optimize marketing initiatives.


  • Weedmaps
  • SpringBig (SMS Marketing / Customer Retention)
  • Blaze POS
  • Dutchie (Cannabis Ecommerce Menu)
  • Onfleet
  • WordPress


Revenue operations (RevOps) is the strategic integration of sales, marketing and service departments to provide a better end-to-end view to administration and management, while leaving day-to-day processes within the departments.


Cannabis Graphic Design by Jason Capistrano

Film & Video: Grip & Electric

In 2021, I began my Film career as a “Grip” and “Electric” on music videos, interviews, commercials, and more.


Lyrical Lemonade: Justin Bieber – Honest ft. Don Toliver (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Liquid IV – Concord Grape

Documentary: Milestone Generations (2022)

Complex: Sneaker Shopping w/ Idris Elba

Complex: Sneaker Shopping w/ Tyga

Complex: Sneaker Shopping w/ Johnny Knoxville



San Diego Flower Walls + Balloons

In early 2021, we launched San Diego Flower Walls + Balloons, a flower wall rental company in San Diego, CA with an emphasis on custom backdrops, flower walls, and balloon arrangements for weddings, special occasions, and corporate events.


Notable Mentions

Impossible Foods™ – The Flavor Experience

Robbins Brothers – Bridgerton Brunch



SD Cannabis Farmers Market

Took on a role to digitize the sales and marketing process for various types of cannabis events such as, fully licensed and local Competitions, Job Fairs, Educational Events, and Large Events (+50K attendees).


Farmers Cup: Cannabis Cup Series



Capstone Creative

Invisalign Campaign Example

Capstone Creative officially launches on October 2012. 

Capstone Creative is a marketing firm specializing in service-specific marketing campaigns for local businesses.



Invisalign® Campaign

Tesla Partnership

Viper Partnership

Botox™ Campaign

NeoGraft®  Campaign