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My Journey

Over the Years


Revenue Operations (Cannabis)
As a RevOps consultant, I worked with multiple canna tech software/platforms for a cannabis dispensary and delivery to drive sales and optimize marketing initiatives.


  • Weedmaps
  • SpringBig (SMS Marketing / Customer Retention)
  • Blaze POS
  • Dutchie (Cannabis Ecommerce Menu)
  • Onfleet
  • WordPress


Revenue operations (RevOps) is the strategic integration of sales, marketing and service departments to provide a better end-to-end view to administration and management, while leaving day-to-day processes within the departments.


Cannabis Graphic Design by Jason Capistrano

Film & Video: Grip & Electric

In 2021, I began my Film career as a “Grip” and “Electric” on music videos, interviews, commercials, and more.


Lyrical Lemonade: Justin Bieber – Honest ft. Don Toliver (Directed by Cole Bennett)

Liquid IV – Concord Grape

Documentary: Milestone Generations (2022)

Complex: Sneaker Shopping w/ Idris Elba

Complex: Sneaker Shopping w/ Tyga

Complex: Sneaker Shopping w/ Johnny Knoxville



San Diego Flower Walls + Balloons

In early 2021, we launched San Diego Flower Walls + Balloons, a flower wall rental company in San Diego, CA with an emphasis on custom backdrops, flower walls, and balloon arrangements for weddings, special occasions, and corporate events.


Notable Mentions

Impossible Foods™ – The Flavor Experience

Robbins Brothers – Bridgerton Brunch



SD Cannabis Farmers Market

Took on a role to digitize the sales and marketing process for various types of cannabis events such as, fully licensed and local Competitions, Job Fairs, Educational Events, and Large Events (+50K attendees).


Farmers Cup: Cannabis Cup Series



Capstone Creative

Invisalign Campaign Example

Capstone Creative officially launches on October 2012.

Capstone Creative is a marketing firm specializing in service-specific marketing campaigns for local businesses.



Invisalign® Campaign

Tesla Partnership

Viper Partnership

Botox™ Campaign

NeoGraft®  Campaign

Jason Capistrano - Business Consultant | Sales and Marketing Specialist


Jason Capistrano’s passion for marketing started at a young age but has developed and honed over his decade in the industry. As a business owner, Jason has developed both the strategic acumen and business knowledge necessary for constant growth. A friendly, lively, and charismatic people person, Jason also focuses on surrounding himself with great people, be it through business, friends, and family.

An advocate for results-driven strategies, Jason’s sales background of over 10 years always defines his work. While his true passions are for lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), and search engine marketing, his portfolio is not limited to a specific medium. Creativity, curiosity, and the desire to grow fuel all of his ideas.

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